K-Town Cast Member: Young Lee Interview w/ Tommy C.

Hey K-Towners, it’s Tommy C. bringing you exclusive info and dishing out on the low down of what’s going on in K-Town The Reality Show! Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday for all new episodes of the show! Today, I have a treat for you guys, I was able to once again, get an interview with another cast member! Who is it you ask? Well you guys might know him for his famous line of the best “sexing” person in the world!  It’s the one, the only Young Lee! See what he has to say about the show, his experience on K-Town, and some things he has to say about some cast members! (The Green Font is me, Blue is Young)

(credits: K-Town Reality Show Facebook Fan Page)

1. If you were able to describe your experience on K-Town, what would it be?

Eat, Eat, Eat!! So many good places to eat and its crazy how you don’t have to speak English you can live.

2. Since K-Town aired and became a buzz all over the internet, how has your life changed (do people recognize you more? etc. etc.)

I got more facebook friend invite LOL. I’ve had people that recognize me and want to take pictures and stuff but I felt weird because I am just a normal person haha. This girl one time was like “have you heard of K-Town reality show?” and I’m like “yea I heard about it” and she was like “that is the dumbest sh*t i ever heard.” and she starts going on about what it is and stuff and how stupid it is.. then i was like ” I’m in that show, I’m young” and she was like “OMG, K-Town ROCKS!! can i please take a picture with you!” So we took the picture and I kind of slide a middle finger with a big smile on my face. Still don’t know if she recognize me flicking the camera off LOL.

3. Since you traveled to South Korea to purpose to So-Young Noona, how is it different from K-Town (the locations)?

(Credits: Young’s Facebook Page)

Nothing beats Korean BBQ in Korea. Also people in Korea drink WAAAAAY more than LA. I remember every restaurant I go to, they set Spoon, Chopsticks, Water glass, and Soju glass. They don’t even ask you if you want to drink or not, they ask What kind of soju you want like its an automatic thing.

4. Have you ever auditioned for any K-pop Music Industry as a dancer?

I auditioned for K-pop for the entertainment companies but there was one audition I actually passed couple rounds but in the end I was told I was too old 😦

5. Aside from listening to American music, do you/are you a K-pop fan, if so, who’s your favorite group(s)?

I am a HUGE FAN of K-pop. My favorite has to be Big Bang, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls, 2ne1, and now of course Gangnam style PSY. YG seriously collected the most swaggy people in their group LOL.

6. Describe to us a typical night in K-Town with Young Lee.

(Credits: K-Town Reality Show Fan Page)

Of course, we gonna get some good BBQ, then go bar, then go clubbing, then karaoke, then end up at the PC Bang. I’m a pretty weak drinker so you might end up taking care of me or finding me * because I get lost* lol. I tend to troll a lot.

7. How did you react once you found out you were one of the lucky 8 cast members to make it on K-Town?

I remember I was at a Korean grocery store and when Eugene called me like I literally stood up on top of the chair in the food court section and I yelled YEA!! and everyone looked and one person asked me “Is it a boy?! is a girl?!” and I said “I’m Rich Bitch!!” “Remember my face! hey You over there! Look at me!” lol i was crazy.

8. If you were able to go back in time, would you do the K-Town experience all over again?

This K-town experience is one of the best experience in my life and I would do it every day

9. What can we expect from Young Lee as the show progresses on? (Does he choose his audition over the marriage? Does So-Young call the wedding off?)

What you can expect is every Wed. new episodes come out and it tells you what happens next 😀

10. Last question, what do you think of the first few episodes of K-Town so far?

Hilarious! Every time I watch it over and over and over again, I can not imagine a better cast than this. There is a lot of hate going on about this show but as it progresses people will grow into them and I tell you, they are the most beautiful sweetest people that you can meet. Its seriously non stop fun with them and the best part about them is the loyalty. and then there’s that lap dance video! LOL I told my parents *who have been watching K-Town* episode 4 got pushed back to next week. I had to skip that episode.

Any closing remarks for me, the fans of K-Town or the Young fans?

First, I want to say Thank you to Tommy C. for keeping our show updated with the fans and being such a nice supporting dongseng to us. Good luck on your auditions, and everything happens for a reason. I failed many many auditions but I got myself my best “K-TOWN”. Don’t give up.

And for the fans of K-town Thank you so much for your support! I hope every fans know that their supportive comments and love they share to us really does have an impact to us and we really do personally remember you for the loving messages.

And for my Young Lee Fans~!! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM~X1000000000000! (like super fast) BE THE BEST SEXING PERSON!! AND YOU WILL WIN!

Follow Him On Twitter you guys: @YoungLee11

Did you guys enjoy the interview? I sure did! It was really fun getting to read his responses to the questions! Even if communication isn’t Young’s thing, I’m pretty sure you guys understand what he’s saying and he’s a real cool guy! Show your love and support for Young hyung! Until the next update! – Tommy C.


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